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Spa Maintenance Guide

Spa General Information

Zodiac Soa Nature2Spa and hot tub maintenance is similar to pool maintenance, it is a trade off between equipment, chemicals and routine. Most spas or hot tubs have an extremely small body of water (between 1000L to 2500L) compared to most pools, this requires spas or hot tubs to be emptied and refilled to remove the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). We recommend changing the water every 4 months, this allows spas or hot tubs that use “Zodiac Nature2 Natural Spa Purifier” and “Zodiac Spa Power Purifier” (Lithium Hypochlorite) as a sanitation method to be replaced at the same time.

Before using the spa it is always best to test the water before use, a home test kit can make this quite simple and easy. The spa filtration is similar to a swimming pools filtration and should run once a day at least for 1 - 2 hours a day to remove any debris and allow them to filter out.

Spa or Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

Before Use:

  • Test the Sanitation level and PH, if these values are within acceptable it is safe to use.
  • After Use: Add 15g of “Zodiac Spa Oxyfresh” (Potassium Peroxy-Monosulphate) aka Spa Oxidizer to burn off added oils.


  • Add 15g of “Zodiac Spa Oxyfresh” (Potassium Peroxy-Monosulphate) Test the Sanitation level and PH.


  • Test the Sanitation level and PH, Remove and clean the cartridge element, soaking the cartridge in “Zodiac Cartridge Cleaner” for a minimal three hours will help remove oils, body fats, and debris from the cartridge element.
  • Depending on the amount of use have the water tested professionally.


  • Check all equipment is functioning correctly and there are no leaks from any fittings of equipment.
  • If there is a part of the spa that you do not normally use give it a run to make sure that it still works correctly eg Blower as it can cause more damage down the line.


  • Remove the spa cartridge element. Add 50ml of “Zodiac Spa Pipe Cleaner” (Benzalkonium Chloride) for every 1000L of water in the spa and run the filtration for 1 hour.
  • Turning the blower on and off several times can help lift debris from the pipes and spa fittings. Drain the water using the provided draining plug normally located at the bottom of the spa. While the spa is draining use the hose to clean the inside of the spa and fittings to make sure that there is no debris left over.
  • Fill the spa and add a Spa Start and Balance chemical to the water, 30g of “Zodiac Spa Oxyfresh” (Potassium Peroxy-Monosulphate), 40g of “Zodiac Spa Power Purifier” (Lithium Hypochlorite) and replace “Zodiac Nature2 Natural Spa Purifier”.
  • Run the spa filtration for four hours and then set back to timer.

Please note: This is a guide for Nature2 and Lithium based spas or hbot tubs, your requirements may differ.

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