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Pool & Spa Equipment

No matter what equipment you need for your pool or spa, we have access to it or a comparable alternative. Like wise any spare parts you need, with support from over 20 major pool industry suppliers we are sure to have access to the equipment for your specific needs. Some of our major equipment is listed below.

Zodiac Swimming Pool Pump

Zodiac Flo Pro Epump

The swimming pool pump is the heart of the pool system, just like your engine is the heart of your car. Your pool pump is a key component of the filtration process. Swimming pumps we currently stock are the Zodiac FloPro Epump, Zodiac FloProE3 and the Zodiac FloPro Pool Pump.

How The Pool Pump Works

The pool pump draws water from your pool into the skimmer box, where it is then passed through a fine straining basket before being pushed through to your filtration and then returned to the pool by the pool return lines.

Choosing The Right Pool Pump

It's important to size your pool pump correctly. This will ensure that your pool runs at an optimum level, resulting in fewer problems, easier maintenance, lower energy costs and longer equipment life.

Zodiac Salt Water Chlorinators

Tri Series Salt Water Chlorinator

The Zodiac range of swimming pool chlorine generators (also referred to as salt water chlorinators) create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you don't need to add chlorine to your pool manually.

With a chlorine generator you no longer need to purchase, transport, store or manually add chlorine as part of your routine maintenance. Furthermore, a chlorine generator also helps to eliminate red eyes, skin irritations and harsh chemical odours which can be caused by incorrectly maintained conventional chlorinated pools.

Chlorine generators use electrolysis to sanitise your swimming pool, by passing salt water through an electrolytic cell which converts chloride contained in the salt water into chlorine.

Installing a chlorine generator will leave you and your family with water that is far more enjoyable to swim in.

The Zodiac Salt Water Chlorinators we stock and supply are the TRi-XO Series, El-24 Series and the new eXO Series which is smart programmable and also wifi/pH upgradable.

Zodiac Titan Thermoplastic Sand Filter


Zodiac Swimming Pool Filters

The Titan Series Thermoplastic Sand Pool Filter range utilizes the latest pool filter technology making them the perfect partner to Zodiac's range of high performance pool pumps.

They are durable, corrosion and UV resistant and extremely user friendly providing crystal clear water with minimal maintenance.

These units can be installed with all media types including Zodiac Glass Media for longer lasting filtration and proformance. 


Zodiac MX8

Zodiac Swimming Pool Cleaners

In Australia there are currently three common types of automatic pool cleaners used in domestic pools - suction, pressure and robotic.

Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners are the most common automatic pool cleaners in Australia. They work in much the same way as a vacuum cleaner, operating when the pool pump is turned on, they suck leaves and debris into the pools skimmer basket located on the side of the pool.

Pressure Cleaners

Pressure cleaners work from a dedicated return line and run by water pressure from the pump. This water pressure drives the cleaner around the pool. Pressure cleaners don't suck leaves and debris into your pool filter or pump basket, thereby taking the load off your filtration system. They are perfect for pools in leafy areas with heavy debris.

Robotic Cleaners

With advancements in technology, robotic cleaners are now an affordable and effective option for many pool owners. Robotic cleaners work independently from the filter and pump and are driven by an electric motor inside the unit. They are self-contained, collecting dirt and debris in a bag or cartridge within the cleaner.

These robotic cleaners are by far the most effective and efficient cleaning option and can handle almost all pool and debris types.


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